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Help us to be the messengers of good things and the necessary changes!

You can pay donations via Paypal service (you don’t have to be an account user)


Bank payment data

Recipient: ARKTIK
Location: Zagreb
Description of the transaction: donation
Bank: RBA
IBAN account: HR2124840081135086114

What will we fund with your donations?

Participants of the project are being rewarded for their engagement.

If you donate, you will:

  • enable further development of the project,
  • encourage more people to participate in the project,
  • enable worldwide promotion of the project,
  • enable raising awareness related to more social problems.

You can also contribute by spreading a word about this project so we can awaken the urgency for positive changes in society. 

How can you donate?
  • By contracting standing order, you enable us to hire a full time producer and to carry out our regular work flow in management, web site maintenance, marketing and communications.
    • Standing order can be authorized at your bank where you can arrange regular monthly payments of certain amount being paid to the account of our art organisation ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future.
  • You can also make a single donation, empowering us to work on our current projects and make our visions come true.
    • Single donation can be paid right away directly to the account of the art organization “ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future”.