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Video celebrating World Rural Women’s Day

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The video celebrating World Rural Women’s Day was created with the contribution of enthusiasts through a public call published by the arts organisation ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future through the project “Let Them Eat Cake! / Neka jedu kolače!”.

World Rural Women’s Day is celebrated on October 15th, and was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008. This day raises awareness of the critical role and contribution of rural women in agricultural and rural development, ensuring food availability and eradicating rural poverty.

The video uses lyrics or music by the following authors:

– Marijana Međugorac – Žena sa sela (eng. Rural Women)
– Anamarija Levak – Ime me ima (eng. Name Has Me)
– Ileana Gherghina – author’s poem
– Dragutin Tadjanović – Dugo u noć (eng. Long into the night)
– “Singing for two” (heterophonic duet from the Toli region). Video album “Evo šale, pjesme i folklora”, Tunja Oršolić Makarić, 1997, performed by KUD Tolisa.
– Robert Schumann – Fröhlicher Landmann

Participating in the video:

– Marijana Međugorac and Marija Petrina
– members of the Association for Children and Youth with Writing and Learning Disabilities, Dyxy (Antonija Anić, Ivana Vrca, Ana Vuković, Snježana Jurica, Karla Srdanović, Ana Duplančić, Antonio Zerdum, Ivan Lišnjić, Damira Čaljkušić, Adi Rich)
– song by Dragutin Tadjanović “Dugo u noć” performed by Matea Jagar (association Dyxy)
– Ileana Gherghina
– Luca Mihail Florea playing piano

Author of the comic in the video: Inon Međugorac

Video montage: Vesna Mačković

Anamarija Levak: Ime me ima (eng. Name Has Me, translated by ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future)

my name is anamarija
and not ana marija
but I care less and less
the more I care the older I get

one part of me is anica
my mother’s mother
and all recorded in me
songs, stories and fairy tales

one part is also marica
my father’s mother
and everything in me that always sings
while I’m struggling with my life

I don’t drive a tractor and I don’t make porridge
I don’t embroider, I don’t collect salt and I don’t dry pomegranate
but the ancestor-woman-earth in me
it seems that tenderness and strength I am though

Marijana Međugorac: Žena sa sela (eng. Rural Women, translated by ARKTIK – The Insitute for the Future)

I’m all the rural women,
those that change concrete and noise
for black earth and its wet smells.

My hands, furrow to furrow,
and in each story imprinted,
a story of work, of labor, of persistance.

My blisters are my pride,
my crop,
my table.

The peasant’s heart beats in me,
the earth gives birth to me as I give birth to my children.
I am a child of the earth.

The leaves of the trees love me,
blackberry thorns hunt me down,
longing for peace hunts me down,
which only my village
can breed.

Recipe: breaded eggplant

● peel an eggplant and cut it into rings
● salt the rings and leave for a while
● prepare the breading mixture from water, salt, flour and turmeric (mix it all well)
● roll the eggplant in the breading mixture and then in the bread crumbs
● then fry it in hot oil

Recipe: Tačke s makom

● make the dough with water, flour, salt and a little oil
● roll it out with a rolling pin and spread the jam evenly, spoon by spoon, in rows on one
side of the dough
● fold the dough and cut out the jam filling pads
● cook the jam pads in salted water
● when they are done, take them out and roll them in poppy seeds and sugar

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