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How to participate in the project?

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To participate in the project “Let Them Eat Cake! / Neka jedu kolače!”, it is necessary to record a horizontal video with your own mobile phone or camera while baking cakes, unleavened bread or a traditional dish with singing or saying texts (by yourself or other authors) that are thematically related to world and international days marked by this project.

Project “Let Them Eat Cake!” is based around four international and world days that the Institute for the Future intends to mark in this way, and are thematically related to the mission and goals of this non-profit arts organization. These are the International Literacy Day, which is celebrated on September 8, the International Day of Peace, which has its day on September 21, the World Day of Rural Women on October 15, and the World Vegan Day on November 1.

Video submission deadline and technical details
  • it is necessary to film a horizontal video with your own mobile phone or camera while making something in the kitchen (baking cakes, unleavened bread, preparing traditional dish, making tea or are just pretending to do so) while singing or saying texts (by yourself or other authors)
  • texts should be thematically related to World Vegan Day, and they can be literary works, philosophical or your own thoughts
  • the duration of the video is not limited in time nor is the number of different videos you can submit to this open public call
  • the video must be sent via the large file sharing services (WeTransfer, mobile app Collect, Google Drive, Dropbox…) to the email address
  • subject of the e-mail: “Let Them Eat Cake! – video”
  • along with the video, it is necessary to send information about yourself (name, surname, location, mobile number), information about the author of the text and, if desired, the recipe of the dish that is prepared in the video
  • video submission deadline for the video inspired by the World Vegan Day is October 29th

*The deadline for sending other videos related to other world and international days covered by this project is three days before the official date of each day.


After receiving the videos created by interested participants, video associates of the ARKTIK – Institute for the Future will create a short film that will include selected works, which most successfully or most interestingly present and raise awareness of the topic of each international day. Those works that will be included in the film will be awarded a cash prize in the amount of $50. Participants are free to submit multiple videos, and will be rewarded for each video that is part of the final film relating to a particular international or world day. Videos that are not part of the film will be posted on the project’s YouTube channel, with the prior permission of the participants, free of charge. The project ends with the online presentation of four short films, each thematically related to one of the four world days covered by this project.

*The organisers reserve the right to reduce the reward in case of not using the complete submitted video or audio materials in accordance with the organiser’s assessment.

More information about the public call related to the entire project can be found on the link

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